Kilchhofer - The Book Room
Double LP + Digital
March 2018
Label: Marionette
Artwork: Jake Fried
Mastered and cut by Noel Summerville


Pitchfork “... It was the ultimate music-as-drug experience, tipping the most quotidian experience on its ear. In The Book Room, unfamiliar worlds are right beneath our nose."

Honest Jon's "Like shuffling through an imaginary library — a wondrous mixture of explorers’ logs, diary entries and correspondence, fairytales, lists, legends and spells.”

The Wire - Issue 409 "...the patient, exploratory growth of each track is a mood of Kilchhofer’s own. If there’s a comparison it might be to Brian Eno’s ideas about electronic music as a form of network gardening or cultivation, as that’s the light touch direction Kilchhofer applies to his material – not imposing order, but nudging it towards a particular place in the light."

XLR8R "Kilchhofer’s skill is in invoking a kind of electronic pastoralism, vividly human and alive, but prone to moments of moodiness and occluded atmospheres."