benjamin kilchhofer
music and works on paper

moto perpetuo
six track ep, 2019
the book room 
twenty track double lp, 2018
eight track split ep, 2017
seven track mini lp, 2016
The Wire - Issue 401

“Two sides compliment each other like journey and destination. Together, they make a hell of a trip.”

“Its future-past aesthetic is a little like a lenticular image: Considered from one angle, the plucked kalimba and naturalistic handclaps evoke campfire rituals and bearded krautrockers, but glimpsed another way, the vaporous ambient haze suggests the hyperreal atmosphere of a computer simulation.”
(Suckfuell Review)

The Quietus
“All of Acosta’s tracks sound suited to the score for a particularly grand-scale stage production. That’s not to suggest any essence of melodrama, but simply to point out just how extravagant and expressive the arrangements are across the record’s eight tracks, both producers complimenting each other’s works very finely.“

Resident Advisor
“Acosta is a record of deliciously understated electronics whose subtle charms are further coaxed out with each play.”
“Blessed with a lightness of touch and textural nuance that you don’t hear every day (or perhaps do, if you’re paying attention beyond your white buds), both operators coax out remarkably compatible stripes of buzzing, ersatz-tribal drum patterns and fluffy melodies that float by in a lush daydream of jazzy gestures that recall Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo as much as Moebius & Roedelius’ most hushed Harmonia pieces.”

“...broad, quixotic tracks that draw you in with their playfulness and originality.”

Inverted Audio
“Beautifully arranged, its fine interlacing of subtle drums, brisk claps and reverse-built strings will draw you into a splendid weald where everything seems to fall in its right place – you, first. Be one with nature.” (Zahnen Review)

Piccadilly Records
“Suspended on ethereal pads, echoes from distant rainforests flutter with the winds, carefully blowing an assortment of chime melodies and delicate rhythms past our most receptive of ears.”