benjamin kilchhofer
music and works on paper

moto perpetuo
six track ep, 2019
the book room 
twenty track double lp, 2018
eight track split ep, 2017
seven track mini lp, 2016
“ "Bittern" blurs the line between synthesis, rhythm, and environmental sound. At its core is a hypnotic drum pattern, resonant and wood-grained but also eerily exact, like a drum circle located deep in the uncanny valley. Rhythmic figures compete for possession of the downbeat; the nature of the pulse is largely a question of perception, as rippling refrains circle each other like the strands of a double helix, perpetually stepping on each other's toes.”
Fact Magazine
“... Kilchhofer might have made one of our favourite releases of the year in Dersu, seven tracks of weaving polyrhythms and eerie ambience infused with mountain air...“

Inverted Audio
“ aesthetic in which the organic and technological sound entangled or embedded in one another.”

Resident Advisor
“Kilchhofer has conjured a world that follows its own strange rules.”